Arbab Usmani

Digital Marketing
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I am Arbab Usmani

I love working with startups and the businesses looking to scale up. I have been helping them from past 8 years to generate revenue using digital marketing strategy.

My expertises lies in strategy and enhancing team’s capability so that brands can scale themselves to insane level.

I have been called to take workshop at India’s top notch colleges like IIT, UPES, SRCC, IIFT and many more as well on Digital Marketing strategies.

I am also key mentor at IIM Kashipur

Why I am Eligible To Consult You

I have been consulting business since 2017 as an independent consulted, the startups I have consult till now raised more than $10 million and generated millions in revenue as well. 

I have consulted business in health, real estate, furniture, training, OTT, legal, finance, agencies, eCommerce, Co-working space, Media houses etc. 

I have mentored more than 50 Startup in these 3 years.

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