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Anger and Its Relevancy With Learning

Most of the people say that you should control anger but in reality, you have to control the frustration caused by anger. Anger can be a great motivator and it has been observed it was anger who make many people and movement successful As per Wikipedia ” Anger  is an intense emotional response.” In Human psychology, the Anger is divided into 3 parts Hasty and…

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Can We Deal With Depression?

Let’s talk about elephant in the room which no one seems to care about and invisible to many; let’s talk about depression. According to me this is a disease and should be treated like one. The method might not be medicines only but love, care, believing in yourself and work positively. My question to the people around a person who is in deep depression is…

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Courage Will Lead You To Becoming Encouraged!

Today we will talk about two human emotions we call “Fear” and “Courage”. I often see people saying they are “Fearless” – they are not scared of anything or anyone. While it’s sometimes good to be Fearless but for survival, the people with courage can last longer and do incredible things. Fear and Courage have relationships like classic superhero and villain, one can’t exist without…

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