Key Points of ‘ Myth Of Growth Hacking’ Event


On 5th March 2017 I spoke in the event ‘Myth of Growth Hacking’, along with very energetic and talented Ravi Choprawho is Founder of Clicks BazaarThe event was presented by BW Disrupt at Awfisthe event is powered by Monster India #MakeIndiaWork with Event Partners – Startup Delhi and My Awfis. I would like to thank Mr. Abhishek Kumar Gupta for this event.

Agenda – 

  1. To understand growth hacking
  2. To identify who can actually do growth to your business
  3. Question Answer Session

Apart from that I also talked about Learning and how we can turn Anger to motivate our self to enhance our learning capability, You can check my previous blog regarding Anger and Its Relevancy With Learning

Key Points

  1. Educating your self in basic of Digital Marketing will always help you to understand Growth Hackers.
  2. Growth Hacking is not magic and Growth Hacker doen’t have magic wand, it takes time, effort and energy
  3. Growth Hacking can be applied in any medium even in your life
  4. Don’t go for the Tier 1 college gimmicks ( go for if they are good with what they say, don’t generalize due to college name), they either don’t study this subject in their college or they don’t have an effective course of Digital Marketing/Growth hacking.
  5. You don’t hire only talent/skill, you also hire attitude, An attitude which can be learn things fast, analyze stuff and suggest you a hack
  6. A two way interview will clear things in a better way, so a growth hacker will always ask many question regarding your business, team, vision, budget and your plan to grow in 6 month or a year. similarly you ask for how they are going to do it, what channel they will use and time period, positive and negative outcome of campaigns.
  7.   You can ask for case study from an agency, but if they are new you can trust your instinct and start with a small budget.
  8. Not all the agency/freelancer is bad and you won’t find real Growth Hacker easily but you have to be careful with pretender
  9. If a product have a cost of ‎₹100 and you are selling it to ‎₹70 then there is no Growth Hacking is involved unless it has a long term effective plan to increase subscriber whom you can retain in very less price. Normally it is burning VC Money if we sale product less than its manufacturing cost.
  10. Growth Hacking is not something very big, it is analyzing small things in your environment/product and enhance or introduce a new element it smartly which can reduce time, effort and increase ROI
  11. You can learn things from anyone, anything and anywhere, you need to analyze small details
  12. Have a single mind and passion of doing stuff, if you have passion of doing things you will never feel it as a job
  13. You have to understand your emotion to find a hack in it which will result in your growth
  14. You need to understand people and take lesson from life and move ahead
  15. Human-centric design can do miracle – I explained how a team activity just by sticky note can be very productive and create bound and install respect in team


Ravi Ji Explaining Growth Hacking


Me Explaining the psychology of learning
Question Answer Session
With Anshuman Vishnu of Dropout Dudes Fame
With Team of Dropout Dudes



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