What Did I Learn In 2018?

The year 2018 was a great year for me, this is where I explored myself to some extreme horizon of life, met so many people, Inspired by many and Inspire many, touched so many lives in entire India, empower people.

I think this is so far most impactful year for me because I explorer many new things about me and I empower many people in terms of Digital Marketing Knowledge.

Made may friends and some friends were I lost in the battle of life and business which is a sad thing to happen but as we say ” The show must go on”.

I have created a thread in our community Uppskill Digital Marketing.

Where I and many of us revel what they have learned this year, in this blogpost I am going to explain you why I said it.

You Can visit thread here After joining the group

So let’s decode

1. If you truly help people they will love you even more.

There are many instances in happened in 2018, for example Few Students

2. The most powerful emotion a human can have is anger and empathy. 

Empathy is a human characteristic, it helps you to connect with humans and more importantly, their problem, if you can feel there problem then you can actually find a more effective solution.

On the other hand, Anger is a negative property, it restricts your thinking capability but at the same time we cannot ignore it’s raw power and used cases how anger changes the outcome of events ( both positive and negative way), so why don’t we understand this and try to direct raw power to a place where we need more execution and less thinking, if we can do this it can be a great asset.

I wrote an article over this you guys can refer to that as well – http://www.arbabusmani.com/anger-relevancy-learning/

3. People will try to backstab and they are sitting close to you. 

Sabse bada rog, kya kahenge chaar log. Society in a whole is a very confusing place, this is where you find your most beloved friend and enemy both and they all are close to you, so keep an open eye and expect everything can happen.

4. You do not have to become someone else you yourself is the driver of your destiny aiming to become someone else will limit your vision.

I often see people aim to become someone else, for example, I have seen people want to become Arbab Usmani that is me. I asked them not to do so because I have my own vision which can be very different than what they have and once you achieve the feat of becoming me you will have no direction because you already achieved what you wanted. Try to beat yourself again and again, year by year.

I wrote few lines as a poem for this in a Facebook group

5. Analytics is the beast we all ignore 

We have done pretty amazing stuff this year only focusing on analytics and data. For example, we reduced cost per sale from 4000 INR to 400 INR in 3 months for an ecom company.

We reduced the daily spend of a training company in Bangalore from 75,000 INR to 50,000 INR in 5 days by only using data.

There are many used case with us where data saved a huge amount of money and effort in business.

6. Influencer marketing is going to rise in 2019 even more In India

This is the year of Influencer marketing in India, it will rise even more than the previous year.

7. Content marketing is shifting from storytelling to smart storytelling 

The narrative of the entire ecosystem of content marketing is changing, from 2015 it was shifting toward storytelling and now it will further moving toward smart storytelling where you do not promote the brand but use it as a part of the story itself.

8. People are now able to identify who is lying while selling course and in 2019, many DM institutes will be shut down who lie to students.

 In 2018 we coined a term called ” Honeystick” to expose the tricks DM institutes uses to get students where they only concerned about the fees of students but not development of them.

Honestly speaking I believe teaching is a very noble job, it helps us to build our nation in a more robust way and corruption on the thought of a teacher is not good, the only thing a teacher or institute should think about is the development of students who are going to build our nation.

9. It doesn’t matter how small you are, you can inspire anyone 

It actually doesn’t matter, you can get inspiration even from ants which are the smallest yet most hardworking beings in the world. It doesn’t matters who they are, so stop running behind those motivational speakers

10. Negative emotions are just raw powers you can use it to do positive things as well

Every power can be given direction, understand your negative emotions such as anger, frustration, fear and use them to become a better version of yourself.

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  1. Sarang Bhirad January 10, 2019 at 8:04 pm

    Informative and Inspirational simultaneously!!!
    Post padh ke sahi mei accha laga Arbab sir…
    #RuknaTohHaiHiNahi 🙂

    1. admin January 10, 2019 at 9:44 pm

      Thanks Sarang,

      I have mentioned a thread in the blog post, there are many people who actually talked about their learning, you can read thoese inspirational learning as well 🙂

      many of them are fantastic

  2. Digital Bhai January 10, 2019 at 8:09 pm

    Na Arbab bano, na Shaadab bano,
    Banna hai toh apni kismat ka Aftab bano.

    Impressive 🙂

    Looking forward to learn more from you this year.

    1. admin January 10, 2019 at 9:43 pm

      Thanks Manzar 🙂

  3. Rohit singh January 10, 2019 at 8:22 pm

    I wanna see if you have have guts to face the reality and respond to it.
    I realized you try to oversell your self in 2018 you are great in SEO not in Digital Marketing…
    I am curious why you didn’t mention what are the digital platform achievements of Uppskill & the most important thing just to save your self you used uppskill not upskill. LOL, lets see if you have guts to post this or answer this in the community as well 😛

    1. Arbab Usmani January 10, 2019 at 9:42 pm

      There are no guts required to respond to this brother 🙂

      1. I never talk about this much money you can make, never shared earning screenshot, never talk about certificates from Google and Facebook, never told anyone you are going to get tools worth more than course itself, never pushed too many ads for selling ( except event boost) in fact in this entire year we spend only 30,000 INR for ads, we never emailed anyone who gave us email address, the only purpose we used their email is to communicate about events, we never called them about joining courses frequently even they willingly gave their number after attending demo session in our feedback form, so there is no over sale here, you are misinformed brother.

      2. I mastered SEO 7 years ago, then I move to paid marketing, then affiliate marketing ( Advertiser side), I also left affiliate marketing (Publisher side) 5 years ago, I can take the class of affiliate but I am not taking because I am outdated in it, so somebody who is much more updated is taking class. Apart from that I am building communities from 13 years, sketched social media strategy from entertainment portals to media houses to celebrities, then moved to influencer marketing few year back. Doing blogging since 2007.

      To give you insight into how we sketch the course

      We wanted to introduce influencer marketing in masterclass 2.0, I could have done 6 months ago using my knowledge of running many but I did it 2 years back, for 6 months we run 3 influencer marketing campaign for 3 brand, we sold 1.5 lakh of product in 20 days spending 10k INR, in another campaign we sold product worth 12 lakhs using micro influencer spending 3 lakh and in another campaign which was little bit failure we generated 70k INR sale spending 30k in Influencer marketing, now we resketched entire course with new knowledge we have and introduce it into masterclass 2.0, it is our 3 years of hard work ( 2.5 years old knowledge+6 month of new knowledge).

      I do not talk about numbers because I do not want to talk about it, we are guys who work their ass off in anything we do 🙂

      I have done content marketing as well in fact for one of the previous brands we bring half a million pageview per day using RTB and content marketing, the only reason for the brand was that we cannot actually run direct ads due to otc products but yet I do not take the class of content marketing Sourav does 🙂

      3. If you follow me then you will know that time to time I talk about achievements of Uppskillites because it is there achievement which actually reflects us. There are freshers who got half a million INR per annum salary from Uppskill classroom itself but I do not want this narrative to be set or maybe I fear that people think I am overselling, which you accused of me :).

      I wonder why you saw me doing over selling but not talking about my students, any way you can follow the hashtag uppskillites

      or this URL for the incredible story of them – https://www.facebook.com/hashtag/uppskillites

      4. I do not understand the phrase “just to save your self you used uppskill not upskill. “,

      why I am saving myself with a brand name?

      btw this brand name is not chosen by me, It was Abhishek who choose that name for us :), I am very bad in choosing a name.

      Again, brother, there is no guts required for these small queries, I just want to keep things positive and make the ecosystem better for all of us from whatever little effort I can do


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